More haiku

I've been writing a lot of Haiku lately, mainly as a writing exercise to get my creative juices flowing. I've found some different 'formula poems,' however, so I think I will try my hand at them for awhile. So this may be my last set of Haiku for the time being. I wrote these while watching the older folks dance at a Valentine's Day dinner dance. Hope you enjoy them.

Little Emma says,
bouncing along the boardwalk,
"The Ocean is Big!"

This one really happened this past summer when my friend, Roxanne, and her daughter, Emma, moved me to the beach. Emma was five at the time.

Cutting quite a rug,
dancing to our old love songs.
"You've still got it, babe."

This one is dedicated to Wayne and Sue, who make quite an attractive couple on the dance floor.

The frigid wind stings,
despite my turned up collar--
icy wonter walk.

Would you catch the moon,
on a starry night like this,
if I asked you to?

The snow-covered beach
an unexpected pleasure
on this frigid day.

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Dave Lynch said...

Hi Arlene,
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, I have left Christianity but not Jesus, I always thought I could change it from the inside, but have had to admit defeat. You cannot change tares into wheat, you have to let them grow side by side, jesus never changed the worship system of his day, it still continues now, and so I cannot change it in my day.
Yet I can live the life of a disciple and teach people everywhere to do as jesus commanded, which is what I do through various groups I am part of, I am totally immersed in the carp and mess of the world, yet my citizenship is elsewhere, and it is in a Kingdom that has no end.

peace and joy

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