Three Haiku

I am what you’d call
a presumptuous woman
I presume love wins
Oh Presumptuous
And Voluptuous Woman,
You are Sumptuous.
Her eyes unfocused,
She stares past the red balloon,
Wide awake, dreaming.

Dad's Taking the Picture

Line up all the kids
Another family photo
Everyone say cheese.

Alan in the Duck

Hey little brother,
Amazing spirit-filled soul,
I still miss your smile.


All smile except one,
Profile to the camera,
Butterfly gazing.

Bundle of Joy

Wonder of wonders
She comes into this world
abundantly blessed

Six Haiku

All the white horses
dancing deftly on the lawn
make my blue eyes cry.
Wounded soul falters
on the way to healing past.
Must recuperate.
Rain splashes pavement
I am caught in it again...
wet, shivering bones.
My sore eyes see red
and sometimes white flashing spots.
Laser aftermath.
All is white outside--
snow sprinkled with fine sieve.
Pull the covers up.
The vast world out there
beacons me from computer:
"See me for yourself."

Easter Prayer 2005

National City Christian Church Rev. Arlene Franks O God of life, God of love and laughter…we, your Easter people greet you thi...