A Cat Named Juju

I recently acquired a kitten--or, more accurately, she acquired me. They found her in the parking lot at my apartment complex.

I was going to the front office area, the other day, to get my mail when I heard someone say, "ask Arlene!."

I was about to ask, "Ask Arlene What?" when the office manager asked enthusiastically, "you want a cat? It's real friendly!

I took one look at he little black and white imp in her arms and said, "sure!"

And that's how I became a cat owner again. Just look at her...is she not the cutest little thing you ever did see? She's a furry ball of perpetual motion. She's quite the entertainer. She's a joy.

I took her to the vet last week ad they confrmed she is a girl (We weren't sure because she was so little. The folks in the apartment office figured her age at six weeks, but the vet said that, based on her weight--3 pound--she is more likely three months old.

She loves sitting in my front room window sill. It's where I used to have my 'Jesus collection,' until she jumped up there ad started knocking things off the shelf. I couldn't get after her too much, since it's a cat's natural instinct to be curious about the word around her. I'm on the look out for an enclosed case for my collection, as I figure she's not going to leave any surface untouched.

This is her perch in my bedroom closet. She's a jumper an a climber.

But mostly, she's a soft, furry bundle of energy. She's Juju.


Tony Collett said...

One of my cats looks like yours, Arlene. And the funny thing is his name is Jo Jo.

amwoolridge said...

She is adorable, Arlene! I'm glad she brings you so much joy :)

Mark said...

Absolutely adorable! You should get some wallet-size pics to show everyone you meet your cute kitten. Go ahead and be that "new mom" for your new kitty!

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