The 'I Am' Poem*

Compassionate, Passionate, Giving Forgiving
Resident of the Universe
Daughter of God
Lover of Life’s Mysteries
Who Feels Everything
Who Needs Nothing
Who Fears Some Things
Who Gives as Much as She Can
Who Would Like to See More Generosity in the World

*Here's something a little different from the usual surveys we send each other on email. It's a formula poem I've used in workshops. I've given the formula below. Above, obviously, is my poem. This is a neat exercise to do once in awhile. It comes out differently everytime you do it, because it's where you are right now.

A Poem About You
Line 1: First name
Line 2: Four traits that describe your character
Line 3: Resident of
Line 4: Relative (brother, sister, daughter, son, etc.) of
Line 5: Lover of: (list three things or people)
Line 6: Who feels: (three things)
Line 7: Who needs: (three things)
Line 8: Who fears: (three things)
Line 9: Who gives: (three things)
Line 10: Who would like to see: (three things)
Line 11: Last name

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