Willow Haiku

I just adopted a new kitten. Her name is Willow, and, of course, she's very adorable. I will write more about the experience of adopting a second cat later, but for now I want to share some Haiku I've written about Willow and her big sister, Juju. (You can read some Haiku I wrote about Juju here.)

Plush squirmy Willow
Purrs warmly upon my heart
Sleepy and content

Willow hangs aloft
Limbs dripping through my fingers
Wigg’ling and squawking

Supreme Queen Juju
Hisses and snaps at Willow
All to no avail

Wobbly Willow leaps,
Prancing across the carpet
Assured of her worth

Juju nudging feet
Willow nesting on shoulder
I am doubly blessed

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