Just starting out

Hello, whoever you are. Did you find my blog by accident? Were you fooling around on the Internet and typed in something that caught Google's attention? That's how I find a lot of things on the Internet...quite by accident.

Well, however, you got here, I am glad you came. I embarked on this wild ride in bloogersville because I want to share my journey, such as it is, with you and others out there in cyberland. I thinking sharing our stories makes our paths a little smoother...if only for a moment.

I can get very philosophical, even maudlin...but I have my humorous side, too. I will try to strike a balance in my musings.

That's it, for now...my first stab at this. I'll have more later. In the meantime, if you stumble upon my little corner of the blog world, please leave your blog's or web page's url, if you have one. I'd love to share your journey, too.



SuperWife said...

Congrats, Arlene! And welcome to the blogosphere! I've heard lots of good things about you via our mutual friends (M & L). I hope this is a fun venture and one that provides you a place to record your thoughts.

Arlene said...

Thanks for writing! I'm enjoying it so far. --A

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